Young heroes meet the challenge, who is fighting for the championship to repair the championship VS Baowan City Basketball Friendship Competition!

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On a hot summer day, the basketball court is full of vigor. When the whistle sounds, the chattering companions perform a chattering and incisive confrontation. This is the throb of speed and passion, the blend of sweat and shout, and even a summer carnival. On the afternoon of July 8, a basketball friendship match was held with Baowan City to repair and decorate the home net.

When the basketball hits the floor,
When the sneakers are rubbing and making noise...
What kind of feeling is that?
That's a strong heart beat!

Juveniles Running on the Court
Like a free wind
Fierce competition
High blood

One basketball, two teams of sweat, tense muscles focused eyes...
All the players were in high spirits throughout the match.
Players show their magic.
Quick attack, good pass, stealing and killing
What's more, it makes the competition brilliant.

Here's the joy of scoring goals.
Strong and concerted determination
No complaints and no regrets after all efforts


Action is a signal
Our tacit understanding is the greatest weapon
Keep your feet together and keep your eyes firm
The moment the ball hit the box
The cheers surrounded us.

With a whistle from the referee
Competition officially ended
The Men's Basketball Team finally beat Baowan City by a narrow margin.
On the court, we are rivals.
Off the court, we are brothers
This is the spirit of sports.
"No brothers, no basketball!"

Through this activity, we carried forward the sports spirit of "unity, struggle, health and happiness", competed in level, style and friendship. It not only enhanced the communication and communication between Xiutao and Baowan production city, but also gathered more positive energy to work hard, stimulated the sense of collective honor of employees and the centripetal force of enterprises, and promoted the development of voice repair. Exhibition injects more vitality and motivation.

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