Warm congratulations on the successful closing of Xiuta City Operations Promotion Salon!

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July is the beginning of the second half of the year, and for many people, it is a bumper harvest month. From July 5 to 6, 2019, a two-day urban operation promotion salon will be successfully completed at the headquarters of Mengcheng Building. This salon meeting is not only a salon meeting under Dream Cheng Holdings, but also a meeting to broaden the pattern and enhance the realm. Excellent city operators from all over the country come together to learn and improve their operational and operational capabilities! Win the end market for a common outbreak of power!
Although the summer is hot, it can not stop the enthusiasm of people who repair their voices to learn and grow. "Every arrival is for a new start." Let's take a look at the professional and interesting aspects of this salon.
Set up competition process to break the ice quickly
Strange environment and people often make people feel constrained and uneasy. How to help many city operators from all over the country quickly break the ice, relax and concentrate on salon clubs? Teachers who fix their voices have designed a contest process, grouping them into PK groups, and the champion group can receive mysterious awards. Inspired by the idea of winning the championship, the partners achieved unity and efficient division of labor and cooperation within the group. Friendly and competitive atmosphere among groups can quickly break the ice.

(The picture shows urban operators grouping PK)
Understand brand strategy and superstore, feel the big pattern of voice repair
With the upgrade of consumption and the mainstream of new consumer groups from generation to generation, the business of small and medium-sized decoration enterprises and distributors is becoming more and more difficult. Faced with all kinds of pain points in the home decoration industry, Xiutang always explains in detail the strategic plan for the development of Xiutang brand. Throat repair is a diversified platform. It has excellent product, supply chain and offline development capabilities. It has outstanding pioneering capabilities and supply chain layout advantages. It has a variety of social diversion functions, which can increase user fission and stickiness, and reduce customer cost.
At the same time, the interactive function of online marketing can help customers interact with each other, so that they can receive orders without leaving home. Priority should be given to the owner's service platform, and a good trading environment should be established between the owner and the decoration service provider. Establish the supply chain system of ecological building materials, reduce the procurement cost of decoration service providers and increase revenue. Help traditional decoration bosses to transform into excellent entrepreneurs of Internet home decoration!

(The picture shows the general explanation of the strategic planning of the revision of the voice.)

In this paper, we will discuss the strategic planning of the revision of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice of the voice.
Next, it introduces the super shop and various online marketing Black technology. Super stores, that is, integrating multi-terminal active access tools to obtain more natural traffic, decoration companies can have their own websites and shopping malls, more powerful black technology to help urban operators in the market competition to consolidate the first-mover advantage, quickly establish visibility!
VR, AR Immersive Experience Marketing
To open online VR stores and off-line VR and AR experience services, so that users can enjoy immersive effect experience, increase user experience and selectivity, and promote user transactions.

3D Cloud Design
The 3-D cloud design can produce a plan in 5 minutes and an effect map in 1 hour. The decoration effect can be presented immediately. The 720 degree panoramic display can shorten the negotiation cycle and cost of the merchants, and increase the user's choice experience and transaction speed.
Goddess of Measuring Room
It does not need time-consuming measuring room. It can be captured by the scanning of the iPad. It can be revised and perfected repeatedly. It can quickly generate CAD drawings. Save time and manpower cost, improve single probability.

After experiencing black technology in person, city operators express their strong recognition of technology empowerment, and the addition of smart devices will greatly promote the single rate.

(Picture shows the scene of the Salon Club for urban operation and promotion)
Dry Goods Sharing Helps Urban Operators Grow
How can the salon club with the core of helping city operators grow less dry goods sharing? The importance of bosses'thinking and Internet thinking has been deeply explained to city operators. The continuous knowledge of dry goods makes everyone present concentrate on it. And then the city operators are scrambling to come on stage to share their entrepreneurial experience.

(Pictured here is the sharing of the city operators who repair their voices)
Barbecue and Dinner
After a full day's study, the city operators from afar prepared a rich barbecue on the top floor of their headquarters. Under the illumination of moonlight and light, accompanied by harmonious music, the right way to open summer has been opened. The air is full of the special flavor of midsummer. Everyone enjoys themselves and is free and easy. The atmosphere is even more harmonious! 
(Pictured here is the dinner scene of the city operators who are repairing their voices)
Operating Thought Discussion and Brand Marketing Planning, Master the Magic Weapon of Winning
If you want to occupy more market share and keep your business evergreen, the key lies in whether you can impress more customers and achieve a single. If you want to impress customers, you have to give them what they like and show their strength. In this salon meeting, Xiutao Zhang always explained the idea of Xiutao operation and brand marketing planning for us!
(The picture shows General Zhang explaining the idea of repair operation and brand marketing planning)
How to do a good job of marketing in today's Internet era? For the post-80s and post-90s to become consumers and accustomed to online consumption, traditional clothing enterprises are facing elimination! Repairing the voice came into being at the historic moment, using the ground push, electricity sales, and then combined with the repair of the voice line of the collusion video, make more money, money tree, nearby about the drainage promotion will cover, conversion rate, repurchase rate, permeability to the extreme. More quality service team, give you the most professional promotion planning. At the same time, we will gradually attract users to expand the scope of propaganda through Wechat tools, and then integrate the life promotion method into the masses, so that the integration of voice repair into life and close to life becomes an indispensable part of life.
After listening to Zhang's words, applause rang through the ears, and the inner universe of the city operators who were present had been ignited. Every one wanted to make a big career in his own area.
Urban Partners'Benefits and Win-win Future
In the Internet era, resources are restructured and optimized, opportunities for group advancement are more, and the era of solo struggle is no longer there! Xiuta Zhang has always explained the benefits of Xiuta City Partners for city operators!Headquarters provides partners with strong online and offline industry chain support, technology enabling home decoration, using big data and artificial intelligence technology to achieve online and offline integrated experience services. Mr. Zhang's site is a detailed analysis of the five core profit points of urban partners: business services, information services, advertising revenue, value-added services, agent operating revenue! After listening to these revenue points, operators are full of confidence, high-spirited, with the support and guidance of headquarters, the future is bound to win-win!
(The picture shows Mr. Zhang, a lecturer on the income of urban partners.)
Knowledge feast, basic operation and use of voice repair
At this salon meeting, the knowledge feast brought by the lecturer Ah Zhu: the basic operation and use of voice repair, the panoramic production of VR blocks and the backstage management of urban operators. These are unfamiliar technologies for many city operators, so there are partners here who say that because they haven't had much contact with the Internet before, there will be some doubts that they can't grasp in the face of such high-tech. For this, our lecturer, Aju, through patient explanation and hands-on teaching, let city operators dispel these doubts in practice, and give applause and thanks.
(Picture shows a lecturer on the basic operation and use of the speech repair, Ah Zhu)
Successful closing, full combat effectiveness
Rigorous soldiers and horses fight in the battlefield. Read again when you come back from a hundred battles! The two-day urban operation promotion salon will come to a successful conclusion. All the city operators have achieved a lot, and they have shown a winning attitude and a high spirit of struggle, and highly evaluated the value of the salon fair. This is just a brilliant beginning. In the coming days, Xiuta will introduce more high-quality courses and training to help the majority of partners in Xiuta city to jointly explore a brighter future for Xiuta.
(Photo taken at the end of training for city operators who repair their voices)

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