Your "basketball" God came on line and renovated the home net vs. building materials elite league basketball friendship contest came to a successful conclusion

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Hot-blooded stadium, the wind and clouds reappear! On the afternoon of May 13, a basketball friendship match was welcomed between Hefei Building Material Elite League and the home network renovated by "Repairing the Sound".
Just listen to the whistle, a basketball, two teams, hot sweat, tense muscles, focused eyes, high mood, sweat, a warm and boiling youth feast into the eyes!
Rotating and jumping without interruption
Shooting offense is not defeated
The balance of power between the two sides is inseparable.
With a whistle from the referee
Competition officially ended
Building Material Elite League Team Wins by Weak Advantage
Men's basketball team will never give up. Let's fight again tomorrow.
This basketball friendship game, carries forward the sport spirit of "fighting bravely, not giving up, cooperating with each other, striving for the first". The level, style and friendship of the game not only enhance the communication and communication between "trimming the voice" and Hefei Building Material Elite League, but also enrich the amateur cultural life of the staff, and show the good image of the staff who are vigorous and dare to fight.

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