Natural space is a new one of the main character of wall wall art brand, since its inception, has been committed to build high-end brand in the industry "". The enterprise to the market demand, the art of combining science and technology, products embody the pursuit of harmonious and warm, generous and elegant, fresh and natural philosophy of life, both modern and classical, both traditional and innovative.
Natural space is Anhui Mengcheng Holding Co., Ltd. operating its building materials brand. Anhui Mengcheng Holdings Limited is a modern, large-scale enterprise, has been to the brand promotion service core business continues to expand the scale of investment, to further promote the market, get to grow and develop through innovation. Dream enterprise to create "Chinese wall first brand" as the goal, firmly believe that "the only brand to the market" and "brand sales force =" faith and constantly enhance the brand influence, won the "Chinese excellent private enterprise", "Anhui province quality service integrity unit", "Anhui Province integrity demonstration units", natural space brand was named "Anhui province green building materials", "Anhui province quality inspection standard" products, "national quality inspection" standard products etc.. In 2013, Hongkong's famous film star Ng Man Tat signed up for natural space.
Natural space magic ecological health dynamic wall adhering to the "innovation is the core concept of pragmatic and enterprising", "business integrity, cooperation and win-win" business purposes, "a hundred years enterprise, national industry" corporate values, invites you to common development, hand in hand, create a better tomorrow.